Forest Cover Change at Um Gargur Refugees Settement. Gedaref State, Sudan

Ismail Mohamed Fangama


 The study area located at Um Gargur camp north Gedaref State, eastern Sudan. The study aimed to assess the degree of natural forest change through analysis of satellite data, linked with the deterioration of a semi-arid land. Demarcation of the study area was done using the Global positioning system (GPS) where the activities of agriculture, range, setellement, and wood cutting were practiced. Satellite image, Thematic Mapper scene 22-11-1999, path: 171, Row: 50 was processed and enhanced using ERDAS IMAGINE software program. The image was then classified to land use/ land cover classes. Also the ground survey was done using the point centered quartered method. The results revealed that, there was a high degree of change in the forest cover in 1999, which is equal to 7.1 % of the study area while the ground measurement in 2004 revealed that the degree of change was -100%.


Forest; cover change; refugees camp

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