Climate Change and Population Dynamics: A Conceptual Framework

Galal Eldin Eltayeb Mohamed


The relationship between climate and the population basic parameters is a two-way relationship, each affecting the other. Climate change impacts mainly the livelihood of people. On the other hand, the impacts of people on climate are rather slow and cumulative, and can result in catastrophic levels, through the irrational use of the natural resource base if left unbarred. Climate change is a phenomenon of particular importance in developing countries, where the livelihood of people is based on environmental contributions. The problem with developing countries is not only environmental, but also low investment in all sectors of the economy including health, educational facilities and particularly lack of political will to cater for the poor and the disadvantaged. Most of the budget in these developing countries goes to the military expenditure leaving the little to human development.  Key words:


Climate change; impacts on livelihood;developing countries; human development

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