DSRI Forums & Public Lectures Program: Development Issues Forum:THE 14TH FORUM, Sep, 2011 Clean Drinking Water in Khartoum State: Problems and Solutions

Ahmed Alnorani


The environmental problem has now become more evident. In the past it did not receive the consideration it deserved because the priority was given to the economic activity, particularly to industrial development after the Second World War. Generally speaking, the contrast between the economic activity and the environmental situation is well known. However, in the developing countries the situation is more severe as the developing countries are yet initiating their economic activity. Adding the poverty of these countries results in a very deteriorated environmental situation. The environmental problem divides into; water pollution, air pollution, toxics polluters and exhaustion of natural resources. In developing countries water pollution is the most persistent problem, while air pollution is characteristic of developed countries. Sudan, as a less developed country suffers a bad environmental situation. The researcher in this study attempts at addressing the environmental situation in Sudan, namely, drinking water quality, as Sudan faces a lack of clean drinking water. Specifically, the quality of drinking water in Khartoum locality. It is hard to conduct the study outside Khartoum state because we will find ourselves more remote from the basic study problem. For, if the national capital suffers such a problem, it is likely to face more complicated problems in rural areas and small towns not only in water quality but even water quantity and availability of the private water connection service. The researcher utilized statistical method to estimate willingness to pay equation as a function in the socio-economic characteristics such as income, education level, employment status etc… through analysis of data obtained from questionnaires that was distributed to respondents to assess their readiness for extra bills to get their desired quality water.


DSRI Forums; Public Lectures Program;Development Issues Forum:THE 14TH FORUM;Clean Drinking Water;Khartoum State;Problems and Solutions

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