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Investigation of the Herpetofauna of Sudan

Mukhtar M. Hassan, Sumaia M. Abukashawa, Theodore J. Papenfuss


A survey of the herpetofuna was conducted as part of a general biota survey of the Sudan. Sudan, with its vast territory, diverse climate, ecosystems, and habitats, is expected to have large variation in herpetofuna. In the current study investigation of lizards and geckos diversity has been conducted.

During the current survey fourteen species were encountered including one species not previously documented. Family Agamidaeis represented by three species Agama spinosa, Uromastyx ocellata and Pseudotrapelus sinaitus. Eight species from the family Gekkonidae were recorded, these includedTropiocolotessteudneri, Ptyodactylus sp., Tarentola annularis, Stenodactylus sthenodactylus, Hemidactylus sp, Hemidactylus robustus, Ptyodactylus ragazzii and Cyrtopodion scabrum. The family Lacertidae is represented by two species,Acanthodactylusboskianusand a new record in Sudan of Mesalina guttulata. Family Scincidae is represented by two species Trachylepis quinquetaeniata and Chalcides ocellatus humilis.


Sudan, Biodiversity; Herpetofauna; Geckos; Lizards

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