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Response of salt-stressed Dolichos lablab L. seedlings to supplementary salicylic acid and its derivalives

M.A. Wasfi, I.A.M Gibril


Plants exposed to salinity stress undergo adverse changes in their key physiological and biochemical parameters. The work reported in this paper assessed the effect of exogenous application of salicylic acid, acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin) and methyl salicylate (5mM each) on proteins, soluble sugars and chlorophyll content in salt-stressed (50mM NaCl) Dolichos lablab leaves. Salinity significantly diminished proteins and chlorophylls and increased soluble sugars relative to controls. Exogenous application of salicylic acid and its derivatives as foliar spray substantially enhanced and alleviated the deleterious effects of salinity on the studied parameters

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