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Martynia annua L. (Martyniaceae): a new record for the flora of Sudan

Ikram Madani, Yahia Sulieman, Faisal Sinada, Haidar AbdAlgadir Mohamed


Martynia annua L. (Martyniaceae) was reported for the first time for the flora of Sudan in the Damazin area, Blue Nile State in South Eastern Sudan. Plant specimens were collected for the first time near Damazin Town (N 11 56.186 E: 34 22.895 GPS) about 10 km downstream Roseires dam. It was later observed on the eastern and western flanks of the Blue Nile. Also M. annua was encountered near Al Gadarif Town in Al Gadarif State in Eastern Sudan (West of Elglabat in Bassanga, 240 km south of Al Gadarif). Detailed morphological description is given to help the identification of this species in the future.



New record; Martynia; Dmazin; Al Gadarif; Sudan

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